Producing Inspiring Work


Introducing the future of coffee

Launched the E by nescafe coffee maker to the Cyprus market. A gadget targeting millennials. Inbound and outbound marketing activities were used, generating awareness and sales.


Building new customers for an iconic household brand

Positioned and elevated the new COMFORT GOLD & COMFORT PLATINUM softener to the market. Adding value to the brand and generating sales from new consumer segments. A 360 campaign was designed and executed that consisted of ATL advertising, in-store branding & activations. Design of shelf facings.


Redefining the supermarket shopping experience

Paired a supermarket retailer with an international brands provider and designed a joint promotional campaign that was embraced by consumers, increased store traffic and generated increased sales.


Exploring the future of energy

Organised and managed a press conference for the announcement of the EXXON MOBIL gas exploitation program in CYPRUS. High calibre guests were hosted to a local landmark venue that combined heritage with new opportunities.


Connecting Sports & Fashion

Store opening for adidas, were we used influencers from the local fashion & sports industries, to accentuate the plethora of choices the adidas brand offers to multiple target audiences, while at the same time we created a fun and interactive store atmosphere for shoppers.


Passing heritage to the younger generations

Conceived and executed a TV script to accentuate the taste of the new Flora spread formulation, after the addition of omega 3 and vitamins A, D, & E. Consumers needed to be assured that their favourite spread brand had maintained it’s good taste and it was now healthier. Through an iconic conversation between a Greek mum trying to convinced her son to try the new healthier Flora, we end up with smiles from both who are satisfied with the brand, each one for their own reasons.


Elevating Brand Experience

Managed and coordinated a road show with Hellmann’s and a local street food truck, visiting supermarket chains all over Cyprus, providing the opportunity to consumers to taste the Hellmann’s brand products with a local taste flare.


Sharing the healthy benefits of Olive Oil

Produced a TV spot to promote and increase awareness of the Greek olive oil in foreign markets. The aim was to provide foreigners with culinary ideas of olive oil usage and at the same time accentuate the health benefits behind olive oil consumption and the Mediterranean diet.


Pairing with local sweets

Winter is not the season when most people yearn for ice cream. The client challenged us with a brief, to help maintain its ice cream sales in winter time. Our idea was simple. We proposed the pairing of Carte DO’R ice cream with local sweets, that are usually served during the winter months in almost all Cypriot households. The result, an easy to prepare, tasty desert that combined local flavours with Italian ice cream. A new product proposition that is easy to serve when guests appear unexpectedly.


Preventing is better than curing

Launched the Becel pro.activ cholesterol lowering products to the Cyprus market. We teamed-up with the Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association and the Cyprus Society of Cardiology and we embarked on a journey, with dieticians, doctors and nurses, visiting local communities and educating consumers on the benefits of plant sterols. We offered free cholesterol tests and provided information on how a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of heart disease.


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